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INNIU Shoes– Available Online

Built on an Italian legacy of superior craftsmanship, our INNIU shoes are at the centre of high fashion. Produced from classic leather-style materials, the styles exude classic elegance with a seductive twist. We have paired with the luxury fashion house to bring a selection to you.

INNIU is for women with discerning fashion tastes

The INNIU woman is classy and sophisticated, travelling through the world with an understated elegance that hints at a bit of mystery lying underneath. Since 2000, the world-class brand have been producing shoes using top leather-style fabrics. The brand is a collaboration between Italian design acumen and luxury branding in the thriving fashion metropolis of Hong Kong. With connections to high-profile brand such as Burberry and Fendi, INNIU is poised to create great waves in the fashion scene. The classic boots and flats will elevate any high fashion outfit, subtly enhancing a classical beauty. Their timeless styles are a beautiful addition to your wardrobe and we are thrilled to present them here.

Sheriton Shoes is devoted to your style

At Sheriton, we are a fashion leader, carefully curating winning styles that will be in your wardrobe rotation for years to come. We inspire confidence into the walks of countless women, in Sydney and beyond. Get ready to slip into a pair of sassy and sexy shoes that will make you feel stylish.

We ship to Australia and internationally from our online store


If you happen to live in Sydney, we have several stores scattered about the city. If you live remotely, our online system makes it easier to receive your order directly at your doorstep, throughout Australia and the globe. We offer Australian residents free shipping for any order that exceed $80. If your order is less than this, you will only have to pay $6.95 for the convenience of shipping directly to you. Our customer service staff will provide you information on any refunds, exchanges or account credits that you may be eligible for – should you be dissatisfied with your new pair, simply contact us to find out how. See what INNIU shoes can do for you.